Working Group

### Aims

The [Open Knowledge Foundation](’s Working Group on the Public Domain has the following aims:

* Build a community and be a central point of reference for people interested in the public domain.
* Encourage and support the deployment of community-based initiatives for the preservation and/or the promotion of the public domain, such as The Public Domain Review.
* Coordinate the development of tools to make it easier for people to find works that are in the public domain in different jurisdiction, e.g. by means of the Public Domain Calculators and Public Domain Works.

### Join us

To participate in discussion, you can join the mailing list at:

### Members

Current members include:

* Christina Angelopoulos, [Institute for Information Law (IViR)]( (Netherlands)
* Renata Avila, [Creative Commons]( (Guatemala)
* Alberto Cerda, [Derechos Digitales]( (Chile)
* Tim Cowlishaw, [Open Knowledge Foundation]( (UK)
* Ronan Deazley, [University of Glasgow]( (UK)
* Aaron Dunn, [MusOpen]( (USA)
* Severine Dusollier, [University of Namur]( (Belgium)
* Primavera De Filippi, [CERSA/CNRS]( (France)
* Lucie Gilbault, [Institute for Information Law (IViR)]( (Netherlands)
* Jonathan Gray, [Open Knowledge Foundation]( (UK)
* Gisle Hannemyr, [University of Oslo]( (Norway)
* Michael Hart, [Project Gutenberg]( (USA)
* Eva Hemmungs Wirtén, [Uppsala University]( (Sweden)
* Peter Hirtle, [Cornell University Library]( (USA)
* Michael Holloway, [Open Knowledge Foundation]( (UK)
* Franco Iacomella, [Latin America Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO)]( (Argentina), [Free Knowledge Institute]( (Netherlands)
* Catherine Jasserand, [Institute for Information Law (IViR)]( (Netherlands)
* Paul Keller, [Kennisland]( (Netherlands)
* Mathias Klang, [Open Knowledge Foundation]( (UK)
* Ignasi Labastida i Juan, [Universitat de Barcelona]( (Spain)
* Paula Le Dieu, [Open Knowledge Foundation]( (UK)
* Justin Levy, [Tulane University]( (USA)
* Nathan Lewis
* Thomas Margoni, [University of Trento]([] (Italy)
* Maura Marx, [Open Knowledge Commons]( (USA)
* Ziad Maraqa, [Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP)]( (Jordan)
* Hugh McGuire, [LibriVox]( (USA)
* Greg Newby, [Project Gutenberg]( (USA)
* Ben O’Steen
* Rufus Pollock, [Open Knowledge Foundation]( (UK)
* David Read, [Open Knowledge Foundation]( (UK)
* Oya Yildirim Rieger, [Cornell University Library]( (USA)
* Alek Tarkowski, [Warsaw University]( (Poland)
* Elizabeth Townsend-Gard, [Tulane University]( (USA)
* John Weitzmann, [European Academy of Law and Computing (EEAR)]( (Germany)
* Sara Wingate Gray, [Open Knowledge Foundation]( (UK)
* Maarten Zeinstra, [Kennisland]( (Netherlands)

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