The Open Knowledge Foundation‘s Working Group on the Public Domain aims to promote and facilitate the use and reuse of public domain works. Its goals are to:

  • Build a community and be a central point of reference for people interested in the public domain.
  • Encourage discussion and research around the promotion and the preservation of the public domain.
  • Encourage and support the deployment of community-based initiatives for the preservation and/or the promotion of the public domain, such as The Public Domain Review and the Public Domain Remix (soon to be announced).
  • Coordinate the development of tools to make it easier for people to find works that are in the public domain in different jurisdiction by means of the Public Domain Calculators.

The following projects are currently coordinated and maintained by the Working Group on the Public Domain:

Public Domain Calculators
A set of tools to help determine which works are in the public domain in various jurisdictions.
Public Domain Review
A web based review of public domain works.


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